The Many Benefits of Drinking Water

Sugar-sweetened beverages have received a lot of media attention lately. Several cities have proposed taxes on such drinks; with voters passing some and rejecting others. The reason behind the new “war on soda” is that research has shown a clear link between drinking these types of beverages and obesity. So, if sugar-sweetened beverages negatively impact your health, what are you supposed to drink? Water! Water has many health benefits including:

  • Drinking water helps you eat less calories
  • Drinking water helps burn fat
  • Drinking water is associated with weight loss in adults
  • Drinking water has been shown to prevent weight gain in children
  • Drinking water also helps your skin stay healthy

Here are some ways to increase your water intake

  • If your tap water at home has a metallic or other funny taste, get a home filter instead of buying bottled water (This will save you money and time!)
  • Bring a reusable bottle with you wherever you go. Filling it up at restaurants or public fountains is safe and free!
  • Set a goal to drink a certain amount of water every day and give yourself a little reward when you meet your goal



  1. Stookey, J. D. (2010). Drinking water and weight management. Nutrition Today,45(6), S7-S12.

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