What’s for Dinner?

Ever come home from a long day at work and wonder “what on earth am I going to make for dinner?”. Or participate in a CSA box program and think “how am I supposed to use three pounds of beets?”. While the temptation to order take-out or dine out for dinner may be high, studies show that people consume 10% more calories when eating restaurant prepared food versus cooking at home. So how do you make a meal with a hodgepodge of ingredients that can be both healthy and fast? Try using a recipe generator online or in app form that can take the ingredients you already have in your home and kitchen and turn them into a delicious, healthy meal! Here are a few of our favorite places to enter ingredients and get new recipes.

NY Times Farmer’s Market Recipe Generator

This website lets you choose an ingredient, a cooking style, and an herb, then spits out a recipe using all three components. Delicious combinations like Strawberry-Orange soup and Cucumber Salad with Scallops can be found here. Feel like grilling tonight? Use that cooking style! Or have you been neglecting the oven for far too long? Just enter that into the combination and sit back, relax, and enjoy the recipe. With so many options, the possibilities are endless!



The advanced recipe generator at allrecipes.com can tailor your weeknight dinner or weekend brunch to meet a range of dietary needs and restrictions. You can even limit the recipes by prep time and cooking style! Try it today!


Dinner in 15 Minutes Flat from Real Simple

In just two easy steps, this website provides recipes based on main ingredients and the type of dish you want to prepare. Just pick the pictures and you are one click away from a delicious meal in just 15 minutes! Or if you are feeling extra adventurous, choose the “surprise me” option for main dish and/or cooking style! A quick, easy dinner with the ingredients you already have? Who could say no to that?


Have you ever tried using a recipe generator in the past? How did the dish turn out? We’d love to hear from you! Post your stories and recipe ideas below! Happy creating!


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